The first #Project 33 images & video...

What better way to start than on the coastline of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. I'd been to Mewslade Bay before, in fact the memory will stay with me as I ended up hiding behind a rock trying to avoid getting soaked and battered by the wind. This time I planned more strategically for low tide and the Welsh weather held out in terms of no rain and less(!) wind but it was still bitingly cold!

I knew there were some unusual rock formations that are exposed at low tide so I made my way down the slightly precarious boulder strewn approach to the beach and headed towards the high rock walls. I arrived just before low tide peaked (around 3pm) and there was still some freak waves coming in that forced a couple of quick tripod retreats (see the video below images!). There were a couple of walkers out with dogs but thankfully I remained undisturbed and focussed on trying to capture the essence of this remote bay and the brooding sky as it closed in. 

I'm really happy with these first two images, they both were produced using a neutral density filter on the lens which is basically a very dark piece of glass. This allows for a much longer exposure and streaks the water and sky nicely. I find these particularly effective when trying to convey the sense of movement and impermenance that a coastline portrays.

In the second (square crop) image I had to be very careful with the composition and cropping of the sky. There was a bank of darker cloud that the sun was penetrating with a lighter sky above. For me the top of the image needed the buffer of the darker sky to stop the eye from being drawn out to the lighter sky above, this 'frames' the scene below better in my opinion, this is an image I'm really happy with.