No. 26/32 #Project 32

This image was actually taken earlier in the year in the Peak District during a one day flying visit. It's an image that has grown on me, I think at the time I was dismissive of it as it had been taken literally in the blink of an eye whilst I was searching for a location to set-up at for the oncoming sunset. 

It's easy to get 'attached' to images and the locations, this can be amplified when you've gone through the ritual of researching, pre-planning, making the journey, braving the weather and setting up just as planned. It felt like I was cheating with this image though as it was totally spontaneous, I spotted the climber sat in what I thought was a slightly precarious position and I fired off the shot...however, the attachment I may get from a more pre-planned shot is solely mine and doesn't always have a direct effect on the end product. Each image should be judged from the outside in perhaps, rather than the inside out...

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