NEW Project 33 Image - in honour of St.Davids Day

Being very remotely Welsh myself (My mothers grandma was born there) I feel duty bound to 'release' this new image on March 1st 2015 - St. Davids Day!

The image was actually made on a January trip to the Gower peninsula...Against all the photography rules it was made near to midday (usually a poor time for interesting light) but due to the soft overcast sky with just subtle light glancing the sea I decided to make this long exposure image.

I really wish I could have taken a picture of my predicament, I was perching on a slightly precarious looking ledge looking down across the rocks at Southgate. The wind was hammering into me and I was lying down with my legs dangling over the edge trying to provide a windbreak to protect my camera and tripod from being 'buffeted' during the 139 second exposure. 

This was very much the look I was going for, contrasting the dark craggy rocks with the relentless ebb and flow of the incoming sea...well worth lying sideways on a cliff edge for, and well worth celebrating the wonders of Wales on St.Davids Day!

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