Meet my new friend...

I recently attended the photography show at the NEC and after listening to various speakers I went away knowing that it was time...time to explore and get into a little film photography.

These days, the digital age means I can easily and quickly review an image after taking it, and obviously make small adjustments etc back on the computer, then share it with the world within moments. With the ease of this technology it's a constant job to limit the number of images you make, and really concentrate on the technique and composition. After all digital data has little or no cost, so if it's not quite right you can do it again, delete it etc. However, not with this little beastie!

This is a Rolleiflex 3.5 MX-EVS, I won't bore you all with the technical details (on this post) but it is a film camera, shooting 120 colour or black & white film, that takes images in the 1:1 square ratio. This particular one is from 1954, was relatively inexpensive, and although it has some battle scars most of the mechanics are in good working order.

So, the journey begins. I've already got various little projects in my mind for this camera and I'm looking forward to playing with it. After a slightly bad start (I accidentally took a picture of my chin at an oblique angle after misunderstanding the safety switch - nice one!) I did get out this weekend and took 4 images. How did it go? I won't know until I get the film developed...suffice to say hopefully I did better than my first chin shot!!

Here are a few phone shots of the Rollei in the way I need a name for it, so feel free to send in any suggestions.