No. 6/32 #Project 32

Durdle Door Beach, Dorset

We recently spent a week away down in Dorset. Thankfully the first few days were blessed with sunshine and much beach/coastal walking and exploring was done. It's something of a cliche to get a decent Durdle Door picture, sort of a 'right of passage' for budding photographers. However, at this time of year the position of the sun at sunrise and sunset isn't optimal for getting that winning shot of the 'Door' rock face.

However, beggars can't be choosers and as we were in the area it seemed only right to go down and enjoy the beach at Sunset. It's a really nice beach and earlier in the day we'd swum through the 'Door' itself so it was quite relaxing to be watching the sunset with literally only 2-3 others on the whole beach.

There was a little interesting colour going on this evening and I tried to compose a nice calming shot back down the beach with the sweeping curve of the sea hopefully offering a nice  guide into the scene. The light was reflecting nicely off the surface and the tranquil sea helped with the reflection of that.

My only regret? The footsteps in the pebbles further up the beach. I had carefully smoothed out the footsepts/debris in front of my shooting position but didn't make it further up the the beach, plus the addition of other walkers would have made that tricky. Something to do next time...For an update on my Project 32 progress click here