New Project 33 Images - Home Counties

So, it's time for a bit of 'tree love' with the first in the series of new images for the 2015 Project 33 location of the Home Counties. Living within striking distance of the lovely woodland of the Ashridge Estate means that I often use it as a base camp for shooting woodland and inner landscapes.

The three images I've started the Project 33 (Home Counties) gallery with were all taken on the same day. If was a particularly misty Sunday and I actually ended up with five images I was pleased with, the other two will be released very soon.

I had risen early to catch the sunrise from the local Ivinghoe Beacon area, however throughout the whole Sunday the sun never made it through the think layer of mist and fog! After spending a couple of hours circumnavigating the 'Beacon' trying to find some shooting possibilities I was actually heading back down the path to the car to head further into Ashridge when finally the sun made something of a attempt at peaking through. The fog acted as a beautiful diffuser of the light and backlit the trees nicely in the scene below:

The diffuse light brought just enough colour to the slightly damp grass around the trees and the path winding through the shot hopefully helps lead you into another world...

It's often a good idea not just to look left and right but also to look up...I composed the shot below thinking of the veins in the eye, a subject I've been exposed to images of quite a lot in the last 18 months due to my partners degree course in Optometry! It's interesting how images and scenes I see daily can influence the compositions and feel of my images. So, Giulia this one was very much inspired by all the slides and images I've seen you studying!

And some of the inspiration...

An example of the images of the eye I've been exposed to recently...guess they rubbed off into my compositions!

An example of the images of the eye I've been exposed to recently...guess they rubbed off into my compositions!

After this short spell of shooting on the path back to the car I drove further into the Ashridge Estate and went for a walk deep into the Forest. The challenge is always trying to find order in amongst the chaos, whilst it can be appealing to our eye at the time it's quite something else to distill the medley of branches, trunks, leaves etc into a suitably tranquil scene with the necessary order to sustain the viewers gaze.

I came across the clearing below which interested me due to the contrasting purple and green grasses and bushes in the foreground that led nicely into the scene with the natural buffers of a couple of strong trees at either side of the image to help keep the eye from wandering out. 

The final image was actually made of 5 images stitched together in a panorama. Ideally you'd normally set-up your tripod to ensure an even horizon so the stitching could be less problematic but due to the nature of the uneven and rough woodland floor beneath me I actually hand held the 5 shots and just pivoted my body right to left to catch the images. This was the first time I've attempted a 'standing panorama' and I was delighted to see I'd kept everything straight and overlapping nicely to enable the computer to stitch them together seamlessley.

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