No. 12/32 #Project 32

Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

We arrived at Bamburgh late afternoon after spending most of the day on Holy Island. Bamburgh is well known for its impressive and picturesque castle that sits proudly on the beach and has been used in many films and most of visit Northumberland's leaflets etc! The actual village itself is tiny so that took very little time to explore (just enough time for Giulia to polish off a cream tea) and so we headed down onto the beach nice and early in preparation for a sunset shoot. The beach is really impressive, lovely wide sweeping vistas greet you and the sand stretches south as far as the eye can see.

quick snap of Bamburgh Castle

quick snap of Bamburgh Castle


We headed north up the beach towards the rocky outcrop where you can actually get a view back towards Holy Island from. We were hopping from rock to rock scoping possible viewpoints for later on. I had in my mind it would be nice to get some shots of the castle at Sunset but I knew really it was the wrong time of year due to sunset positioning etc. However, I did originally set-up in that direction but soon realised (a) I hadn't picked much of an interesting foreground and (b) all the colour in the sky was over my left shoulder looking north not south. 

So, a quick swing around with camera and tripod and I headed back up to the rocks. There was a wonderfully 'blue twilight' feel to the light and the damp rocks in the foreground add some interesting texture. I'm not 100% happy with it but bearing in mind it wasn't what I originally had in mind I'm happy I was able to change plans mid-action and take best advantage of what was available. Now I've scoped these places out hopefully the 2nd visit in the future will bring more success.

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