No. 10/32 #Project 32

Holy Island, Northumberland, UK

I've been reading and re-reading a couple of books recently featuring the photographer David Ward, he's pretty big on abstract images and does an amazing job at it. It's not an area I've really got into, with my preference generally being for wider landscape vistas, but on one of the Holy Island beaches I spotted this textured pattern in the sand.

The skill is to take something seemingly simple looking and make it work visually. There are various 'rules' of composition and each image ideally takes the viewer on a journey through the frame. Of course rules are there to be broken but most successful images can be dissected to reveal for example the use of thirds in the composition and some sort of leading line flow or direction for the eye. Here I've tried to balance the top left and bottom right of the image with the textured sand 'pouring' out towards the bottom left side of the frame. 

I think this type of image generally works better in a similar series as opposed to a 'one-off' but that's all you're getting for now!

This image is No.10 in my Project 32 series, to see the full portfolio please click here.

No. 9/32 #Project 32

Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland, UK

We had a great trip unto Northumberland recently for a friends wedding. We managed to tag a few extra days onto our visit to have a look around the area as we'd never been before.

I can safely say we were massively impressed. Such wonderful coastal and inland areas of natural beauty and an area packed full of history due to it's proximity to the Scottish border and all the back and forwards that has brought over the years.

This particular image is of Lindisfarne Castle which is actually on Holy Island. There are visiting restrictions due to the causeway being flooded daily by the incoming tide so if you do go, check the tide times! Once on Holy Island the south side (it's only about 3km in total) is very busy with tourists visiting the village and castle, however if you carry on walking around the island you can soon be away from the crowds and enjoying the pristine coastline.

Despite being generally lucky with the weather over the weekend there were some pretty thick brooding clouds on this morning (much better for photos!) and I tried to capture some of the wild and timeless nature of the view. I was pretty much leaning through a gap in a stone wall to get this angle and there wasn't much space for composing, however I'm fairly happy with the result and just looking at the image I can feel the freshness of the wind buffeting around and the history of others who've seen this view for hundreds of years. Thankfully there were no Vikings in long boats approaching during our visit...

This image is No.9 in my Project 32 series. To see the full portfolio please click here.