No. 13 & 14/32 #Project 32 Progress

I'm rolling these two pictures into one blog entry because for me they are less about the final image and more about the reasoning behind why I undertook #Project 32 and the challenges it has provided.

No. 13/32 - Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland

With an already fairy busy schedule I suppose I should have guessed it would be harder than I expected to get out and take more photographs. One of the thoughts behind the project was to try and make steps towards not just being a 'holiday photographer' - I don't mean that in any sort of commercial way, rather that I wanted to dedicate pro-active time to getting out and seeing new places and taking more pictures that are pre-planned, researched and envisaged. 

If I reflect on the 14 images that have made it into the project so far only 4 could meet the desired criteria of being 'extra' time that I've made for picture taking rather than just trying a bit harder when other circumstances (like weddings!) have given me the opportunity to be somewhere picturesque already. As we roll into September, there are only really 4 months left for me to complete the project (18th Jan), I think by May/June I was starting to realise that 32 might be tricky, especially if I was not to compromise on my standards, however modest they may still be.

No. 14/32 - Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

It would be easy to just try and cram some pictures in to bump up the numbers (and I'm slightly wary that no's. 13 & 14 are that!) - but rather I'm going to try harder to make the time (somehow!) to stick to the original plan and maintain standards over the course of the year. The more I get out, the more I see, the more chances of great light there will be. Also, like any pursuit my technical skills will improve from more time in the field, as will my 'eye' and feeling for picking the right locations at the right time.

So, time to re-focus, kick myself up the backside and get out and make it can't say I wasn't trying at least in the picture below as I precariously positioned myself with the tide coming in at a rate of knots!:

Step Carefully

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