No. 27/32 #Project 32 - Ashridge Panorama

Ever since my first trip to Ashridge this image had been in the back of my head. I knew that the woodland would look great in the mist, and with the autumnal colours and the trees stripped bare it would all come together nicely.

Being sort of on my way to work I've made 3 or 4 visits here since September in the early hours of the morning, during these trips I'd narrowed down the exact place I thought the panorama would work best in. On this occasion I really was pushed for time and so the pre-planning I'd already done in my head kicked in and made the image possible. I'd been scoping the weather forecasts and I knew there was a pretty good chance of mist on this Saturday morning. I arrived and was encouraged by the first signs of a mist sitting in the woodland. After a high paced walk to the exact spot I'd planned it was a military operation of tripod up, camera out, checking the horizon was balanced and shooting away. I'd already dialled in the camera settings the night before knowing this would save me 30 seconds in the morning.

Click image for a larger view

The final image as you see it is 12 shots stitched together left to right, it's quite difficult to appreciate a panorama like this in full without seeing a large print of it, perhaps I'll bite the bullet and get that ordered for the house before long...

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