No. 3/32: #Project 32

A couple of weekends ago I managed to get up to the Peak District for a day, I had the morning to myself after quite an early start gliding up the M1 in minimal traffic and then in the afternoon I joined a workshop led by Peak District photographer Duncan Fawkes.

This was my first venture on a workshop and it was a little bit last minute on my part having spotted the space just a week or so before via a retweet on Twitter. There was only a space for the afternoon/sunset session but I thought if I'm driving all that way I better crack on early and make use of the morning. Read my blog on the workshop here.

I spent a few evenings trawling the web trying to scout various locations I could visit depending on weather conditions/time etc. If the sun is shining down or if the sky is a flat grey it can have a big steer on where you should be trying to make images. I'm realising so much of the picture taking process is in the preparation... 

This day in particular it had started very overcast, I had researched a couple of possible waterfall locations which are perfect when the conditions above are flat. The light from the sky is not too powerful which cuts down on reflections and minimises the dynamic range for the camera to capture, this diffuse light is perfect for woodland or waterfalls. The particular waterfall I visited was quite secluded so I had the place to myself for a good hour or so. I took multiple images from various angles, I'm still training myself to be more disciplined and not just operate a scatter gun approach, it sort of worked here!

The picture that has made it into #Project 32 was taken about 2/3 of the way through my time around the waterfall, it was a very deliberate image and I'm pleased that it came out pretty much exactly as I envisaged it. The shapes in the rock remind me of two 'heads' or 'faces' - especially on the far right of the frame, you can make out the eyes, the face looks like it's split between light and dark, it's actually quite menacing in some ways...I'd be interested to see if you spot it, you can't view the picture in the same way once you have seen the faces! It feels like something out of 'Lord of the Rings' or something, possibly even Voldermort-esque for the Harry Potter fans!

I liked the symmetry in the rocks and the reflection of water on the main lower rock showed lots of 'craggy' detail in the surface, there's a nice contrast between the obvious movement of the water (exaggerated by the long exposure) and the resolute solidity of the rocks. 

You can see the final image in a larger version, and the rest of the #Project 32 images here.