No. 5/32 #Project 32

Pitstone Windmill, Bucks

On a recent journey back from Oxfordshire I came past Pitstone Windmill whilst driving home. I had heard there was a nice little Windmill tucked away somewhere on the edge of Bucks near the Ivinghoe Beacon area so it was nice to finally stumble across it. As I drove past all I got was a fleeting glimpse but it looked promising. I determined to get back there in the next week or so to try and catch a nice (albeit clichéd) shot of the windmill with setting sun behind it etc.

An opportunity arose on a late Sunday afternoon and the light seemed moderately promising so I headed out with Giulia to 'scout' the windmill again and hopefully get a decent shot. It's a short 30 mins drive from home and the access is easy thanks to a small lay-by to park in. Just as we bounded off down the path we spotted another photographer, already with tripod out and having bagged a decent position and seemingly the moral rights over the image making for the evening!

Undeterred we had a good walk around the area trying to get the best angle, albeit maybe for next time when we had the place to ourselves and when the sky might hopefully do something more interesting, it was actually now becoming too clear and the sun was reducing to just a bright ball of light but not sharing it's glow with the wider world.

After some circumnavigating of the windmill, and a bit more massive dog dodging, we settled ourselves around one side out of view of the stationery (but persistent) photographer who had set-up camp shooting into the sun. Not wanting to give up for the day (despite wanting to be where the other person was) I tried to take it as a challenge to stay in our little area out of view and still make something graphically interesting. The beams of the windmills arms were catching some late sun glow and the textured wooden surface was being nicely highlighted.

A bit of playing around with angles, wider lenses, lying in mud and other interesting flora and fauna ended in the shot above. You could argue that I shouldn't have 'cut off' the other arms of the windmill but going even wider was proving difficult due to the changes in perspective it created.

Even if not technically perfect this shot is going into #Project 32 as a reward to myself for trying to find something different to the clichéd shot I set out to get, and for adapting to the situation as it arrived. I'm sure I'll be back when some more promising light occurs but in my limited chances to get out with the camera it's important to maximise each opportunity and it's nice to come at something with a different perspective.

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