No. 10/32 #Project 32

Holy Island, Northumberland, UK

I've been reading and re-reading a couple of books recently featuring the photographer David Ward, he's pretty big on abstract images and does an amazing job at it. It's not an area I've really got into, with my preference generally being for wider landscape vistas, but on one of the Holy Island beaches I spotted this textured pattern in the sand.

The skill is to take something seemingly simple looking and make it work visually. There are various 'rules' of composition and each image ideally takes the viewer on a journey through the frame. Of course rules are there to be broken but most successful images can be dissected to reveal for example the use of thirds in the composition and some sort of leading line flow or direction for the eye. Here I've tried to balance the top left and bottom right of the image with the textured sand 'pouring' out towards the bottom left side of the frame. 

I think this type of image generally works better in a similar series as opposed to a 'one-off' but that's all you're getting for now!

This image is No.10 in my Project 32 series, to see the full portfolio please click here.