No's 19-25 #Project 32

I managed to grab a 36hr trip to South Wales recently and crammed it full of waterfalls, coastal trips and a lot of rain!

The Brecon Beacons is a very picturesque area and is well known for its waterfalls. Always being a sucker for a good waterfall I left Hertfordshire early morning and headed to South Wales. The weather had promised rain and grey skies, I was happy with the overcast aspect of this as it’s good light to take waterfall images, however as I found out the rain was another issue altogether!

Over the next 36hrs I found a rhythm of scout, compose, set-up, uncover camera, shoot, clean and dry camera, re-set, shoot, clean and dry camera etc...the rain, coupled with the spray from waterfalls and even the sea when I got there, played constant havoc with my lenses and filters.

However, as it was a fairly bleak couple of days in November at least I was nearly always alone...

Click on an image below for a larger view:

The coastal shots were from Mewslade Bay on the Gower Peninsula, let's just say the weather was  slightly on the 'confrontational' side of things. I arrived around 6.30am in time for a sunset at 7-7.15am...I should point out it was pitch black and hammering down with rain at this point and I was in full outdoor gear including multiple waterproof layers and a head torch to try and see down a very dark path that led to the bay.

After what seemed like a rather dangerous and very windy trudge down the path I arrived to what appeared to be high tide and a constant battering of rain and sea spray. The sea was smashing into the rocks and there was no beach to speak of because of the high tide. Not to be beaten I ended up 'hiding' in the dark behind a large rock out of the wind for about 30 minutes whilst I waited for the sun to come up and keeping my fingers crossed that the rain would cease and some glorious sunshine would arrive...failing that I was going to cover up and walk out to safety!

Despite the inclement conditions and poor outlook I decided to stick it out and at the very least it would make for good experience. After a while the rain backed off to a steady splattering and I decided to crawl out from my hiding position, the light was still pretty low so I spent a few minutes trying to scout around for a position. Needing some more wind cover I dropped down into the rocky outcrop near the Sea, this provided a little rest from the elements and I spotted a couple of nice rocks to use as good foreground interest. It was however a constant battle with the rain and sea spray covering my lenses and filters, I managed to get just shot that wasn't totally speckled with water from this position (no. 25). 

I then moved a little further back and round to the entrance of the bay (no.24) the light was at its most interesting here because there were still some moody clouds but the sun was doing its best to creep through. The rocks in the far distance caught some of the sun and this is the shot I was most pleased with. At around 9.30am and feeling quite assaulted by the elements I decided to head back to the car, just as I turned to put my final filter away the sea splurged one final large wave in my direction and I got covered...time to leave!

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