Outdoor Photography Magazine

During the last few years I've bought a number of different photography related magazines and publications. In the last 12-18 months I've settled on my magazine of choice being Outdoor Photography. It has a nice blend of articles, images, location guides, tips and gear etc.

Outdoor Photography - March 2015

Outdoor Photography - March 2015

So, to mark the end of last years #Project 32 I sent them an email basically saying 'thanks for what you do, it's been helpful during my photographic year, this is what I've done, and keep up the good work' etc. I was delighted to receive an email back from them saying they'd like to publish my letter and would I be ok if they were to use one of my images in the magazine? Errm, ok!

So, if anyone wants to see my 'print' debut (ahem!) you can pick up Outdoor Photography (March 2015 issue) from all good newsagents (or subscribe online) and you'll see me in the 'Letter of the Month' position...

My 'Letter of the  Month' - Outdoor Photography Magazine (March 2015)