No.3 & 4 in the #Project 33 series...

I've had the time to let these images 'settle' and it's something I've enjoyed; having the chance to re-visit the images and assess their strengths and/or weaknesses. In the past I've been quite quick to upload images and then later looked book and wondered if I was really happy with them. With the pressure of hitting a certain number removed this year it's allowed me to 'digest' all the images from a certain trip and make sure they reflect my feelings about the atmosphere and mood I'm trying to capture.

No.3 is a another shot from Mewslade Bay, it was just as I was preparing to leave. Wet, cold and being blustered by the wind I looked back over my shoulder as I scrambled up the rocky path off the beach and saw this wonderful shape in the trenches of water that scythed through the beach. Using a 2 minute exposure I wanted to reduce the scene to it's core elements of shape and colour and highlight the pattern of the water as it links up with the shoreline and also soften the sea and sky to merge the elements into a mix of blues. I stood side on to the camera trying to protect it from the wind as I didn't want it moving during the long exposure. With fumbling freezing fingers I eventually packed up and headed back to the car in the encroaching twilight...

Mewlsade Bay No.3 - #Project 33

During my Gower trip I spent time researching and exploring new areas of the coastline for my to make images in the future. I spent sometime around the cliffs of Southgate, initially I was walking the top path and looking down trying some experimental shots of the sea meeting the cliffs using a telephoto lens, whilst there was promise in these angles it was increasingly difficult against the high winds that were smashing into me and my tripod! This was the weekend when the forecasters warned everyone on the west coast of Britain that winds of 70mph+ were incoming, that might explain why there weren't many people out!

So, I decided to try and get down off the tops and to the shoreline. The peculiar rock formations of the Gower peninsula are quite eye catching, sharp angular rocks that look like they should make up some far off planetary system protrude from the ceaseless crashing of waves off the west coast. I'd like to say I gracefully made my way over them but looking from afar I probably cut a pretty shabby and high risk figure as I teetered my way through the sharp spikes trying desperately not to impale myself.

Crouched over a smattering of these sharp protrusions (that were menacingly close to areas that wouldn't appreciate being stabbed by a sharp rock!) I made the image below, again using a longer shutter speed to soften the water and highlight the contrast between the fluidity of the sea and the resolute firmness of the rocks.

Rocks at Southgate - #Project 33

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