Introducing #Project 33 (2015)

So, after the successful completion of #Project 32 the only logical next step was #Project 33. However, I wanted to change the overall goal, otherwise if I carried on in the same way my output would need to keep increasing as the years go by, and quantity is no measure of quality.

Whilst the need to fulfil the quota for #Project 32 did 'keep me honest' in terms of motivating me, to get out and make images as the year ticked by, I've come to the conclusion that on occasion the need for numbers forced me to accept lower quality images for the collection. So, for this years Project I've taken away the need for it to be 33 images, in fact I've gone a bit looser with the interpretation of 33...

I mused on this for some time, and have tried to work 3 into the plan somewhere, after all I'm never going to be all the 3's again as the chances of living to 333 are none. So, I've decided to focus on 3 geographic locations and get the most I can out of them throughout the year. If that yields 10 or 100 images it doesn't matter the idea is to create a portfolio (small or large) from each area that I can be proud of at the end of the year. Like it? I hope so!

So, where are these 3 locations going to be and why:

1. South Wales

I've chosen South Wales because last year I really enjoyed the time I spent there. Although it's a fair drive from St Albans it's not a bad drive and there is an abundance of interesting coastline and countryside. From rocky outcrops, long swathes of sandy beaches, waterfalls galore and the impressive Brecon Beacons...there should be plenty of opportunity here for good images.

2. Berks, Bucks & Herts

I can't always be galavanting around the UK and so it was important that consideration was given to my local area. Despite there being a rather disappointing lack of coastline, mountains, waterfalls, lakes etc there is something to be said for local knowledge. I've found that the better you know the location the higher the chance of a good photographic reward. Plus, the local aspect ensures I can stay 'shooting' throughout the year.

3. Yorkshire

I've chosen Yorkshire for a couple of reasons; it's packed full of photogenic locations including countryside, coast, waterfalls, forests, and much more. Plus, I've already got a trip planned up there in March on a coastal workshop with a photographer whose work I admire and it seemed like a great way to kick start my Yorkshire explorations.

So, the hope is that with more time in a smaller number of places I can really learn to 'see' the areas better and not be forced to produce quantity but rather concentrate on quality...

To see the first images and a time lapse video of where and how they were captured please CLICK HERE

Wish me luck! Stay tuned to the newsletter and my NEW Facebook page for all the latest details, images, videos and much more.