A trip to the Dales...

A recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales brought happy memories of my 10 year old self...

It was something of a flying overnight trip and allowed me to visit a couple of places I'd not been to since Primary School, in fact one location in particular that was famous to the rest of the world for featuring in the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film (Kevin Costner), but was 'famous' to me for bringing back strong memories of my first real trip away with classmates and without family. The Hardraw Force Falls really stuck in my mind as a 10 year old, partly because it's one of the first images I remember taking and getting printed to a large size.

So, it was with a slight sense of self imposed anticipation and trepidation I attempted to re-visit and improve upon the 10 year old Sams picture of this iconic (to me) location. With a slightly strange approach (through the local pub) I headed up the path to the Falls. It stirred up some nice memories and I felt quite nostalgic as before long I was soon transported back to 1992 and the innocent sense of awe at seeing such a beautiful waterfall.

During the days beforehand there had been some heavy rain and the falls were extremely full with water, at first this is quite impressive but from my photographic point of view (and to fulfil my pre-determined plans for the shot) it required a re-think of where I could stand as the spray was literally like standing in a shower anywhere within about 25ft of the base of the falls...this is not good for expensive cameras and filters, and more importantly you never get a 'clean' shot!

So, after a little reminiscing, and then cursing the weather Gods, I set to composing the image you see below. In the end I'm not really satisfied with this, the water flow was too fast for me to get the atmosphere I was looking for but it's just a good excuse to go back another time!

Hardraw Force, Yorkshire Dales

The afternoon saw me head over to the picturesque Swaledale. It really displays the classic look of the Dales with the dry stone walls and compartmentalised fields. I took a walk up the side of the valley and found a couple of shooting spots. The weather was a little overcast with just the odd burst of sun but nothing heavenly or dramatic so I'll stick this one down as good exercise and good reconnaissance.

Swaledale, Yorkshire

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