No. 8/32 #Project 32

Burton Bradstock, Dorset

Towards the back end of our trip to Dorset the endless blue skies started to turn a little more unpredictable due to inclement weather heading in from the West. A bracing walk down the beach at Burton Bradstock is always a good way to start the day and my memories of visiting this beach regularly a few years ago came back as the wind buffeted us robustly. 

The crumbling cliffs on this beach can make for some nice image potential but the star on this morning was the sky. With the sun trying to burst through a patchwork of ever darkening cloud there was certainly the sense of incoming rain. Happily some lovely person had seen fit to leave a nice wooden boat just in the right place for me to take advantage of its position looking out to sea.

I've got to say there are warning signs all down this beach which allude to the difficult seas, and I'm pretty sure you would have to pay me a decent amount of cash to venture out in this boat, suffice to say I was happiest with my 'land legs' firmly on.

Although this is not a new genre ('boat on beach with moody sky shot') I was happy to catch some of the impending drama of the sky on that particular morning, after all we were there for a blood pumping walk and some fresh sea air...the photo opportunity was just an added bonus.

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