No. 7/32 #Project 32

Chapmans Pool, Dorset

On a recent trip to Dorset we got a tip-off that there was a nice cove at Chapmans Pool. I had already been heading in that direction but to another coastal point that was sadly out of bounds due to the military manoeuvres that get practiced in the Lulworth Camp area.

So, on arrival it was certainly very quiet, a weekday afternoon in June and the fact it had been a bit of a grotty day weather wise probably helped with that! We walked through the first field and approached this coastal view, the original plan was to head down to Chapmans pool for some closer sea shots but one glimpse of the near vertical, muddy, wet and slippy path and we had other thoughts. So, we took the upper path and got this nice view back down the coast towards the West.

The weather had been quite changeable all day and the sun was breaking through the clouds only in small pockets as a rain surge headed in from further down the coast. The conversion of the picture to black and white hopefully helps display the tonal contrast between the bright breaks of sunlight and the ever darkening clouds. It's always a challenge when presented with a wide open vista, if often looks great to the eye when you are there but when you check back through your pictures it can look a little flat with no real focus point. One thing that can save that is dramatic lighting and contrast, this is by no means perfect light above but I was fairly happy with the result. For an update on my Project 32 progress please click here