No. 4/32: #Project 32

'Morning Mist' St Albans, Herts

About 2-3 weeks ago there was a spell of heavy mist in the mornings in deepest darkest Hertfordshire. Happily for me (but not my bank balance) our balcony commands panoramic views over a broad vista of trees and the morning sun rises slap bang in the middle of it. With a raise of my head from the pillow in the early am I can see if it's worth jumping out of bed and grabbing the camera. 

On this occasion I had to get up anyway to get Giulia out for an early train so it was in my bleary eyed breakfast prep that I noticed the scene above unfolding behind me. With a quick grab of my camera I lent myself against the balcony door for support and fired off a few shots. Sadly the tripod wouldn't really have extended high enough to clear the balcony and down towards the view, I much prefer shooting hand-held where possible anyway.

The atmosphere was wonderful as the dense morning fog clung to the trees and dappled the power of the sun rising through it, this diffusing of the bright sunlight spread the colour richly through the morning sky. A nice shot and best of all it was shot from approx 10ft out of my bed!

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