Stuck indoors...

It's been a really busy few weeks with work and other commitments and I've been struggling to find any time to get out and 'shoot'. In the odd times when there's been a spare couple of hours either the weather has been poor (and not in a good photographic way) or other barriers have got in the way.

So, with my trigger finger raring to depress the shutter I decided to set up a little indoor shoot. I'm normally much more engaged by landscape imagery, partly because I like to be out in the landscape and also because if you really want to shoot people properly you need a studio, extra lighting, backdrops etc, and more importantly a purpose. But, this is all done at a booked appointment time and as such can be a little forced, props to the great photographers who manage to engage their clients whatever mood they may both be in. I think I prefer to let nature run the clock on what sights I see though.

However, needs must and so after a little positioning of myself, reflector and camera/tripod etc I fired off a few 'selfies'. On reflection it seems a little egotistical taking pictures of myself, I must insist that it's all in the name of progression and honing my skills! I had been 'letting myself go' a little for a few days on the facial hair front so was looking to match the spirit of that with a grimey, grungey sort of a look...I'm fairly happy with the end result and at least I had the camera out.