No. 28/32 #Project 32 - A touch of frost

Again it was another early morning trip to Ashridge, I'd been hoping for some mist but instead was met with a bitingly clean frost. I wanted to try and find a more intimate shot which highlighted the texture and crispness of the morning frost.

I actually explored a new area of the woods this time and as I walked through the path un-disturbed by the real world (mine had been the only car in the car park) I was shadowed on either side by a legion of squirrels and birds watching my every step. Ahead I spotted around 8 small deer and even though I stopped dead in my tracks they'd clearly heard me coming and scattered away into the undergrowth. I found an area of fallen trees that were heavily 'bitten' by the morning frost and tried to find a pleasing composition.

I played around with various angles and used different apertures to get a varied depth of field. At first I wanted to get the whole image in focus by using a small aperture, however due to my extreme proximity to the subject I was only getting around 75% of the shot in full focus, not wanting to get into image stacking and stitching I decided to go in the other direction. Using my widest aperture of f3.5 I tried to isolate the frosty leaf into focus and leave the foreground and background to disappear away, leaving focus on the leaf. There was a little chink of light just on that part of the branch which helped isolate the leaf further.

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