I offer various talks and presentations which can be tailored to specific audiences. I have experience speaking at camera clubs, live events and exhibitions. All the talks seek to help encourage and inspire photographers. The aim is to stimulate and enthuse others about the creative possibilities of photography by explaining my thoughts and processes, and de-constructing key themes from photography in a wider sense and also on an image-by-image basis.

Please see four examples of the talks available at this moment, there is a contact form at the bottom of the page if you have any queries about these talks or potential bookings. Each talk is 45-55 minutes long (depending on what is required), if it’s for a camera club they usually choose x2 talks to fill one evening.

Your talk certainly gave me a bit of an adrenaline rush…I thoroughly enjoyed the evening as did many others!” - (Truro Camera Club)

  1. Creative Storytelling in Landscape Photography:

Photographic narratives and stories have often been presented in documentary photography, but perhaps not so often in the landscape genre. In this talk I walk through a visual story that re-interprets the Mesozoic period, 252 million years ago. This talk discusses going beyond the classic scenes and well known vistas to try to create unique and compelling work. I discuss the conception of the idea, how the initial creative process is based on exploration and experimentation and then on to the shooting, curation and presentation of the work.

  • Helps inspire photographers to see beyond the obvious & use narratives to strengthen collections of work

  • Discusses ways to approach a subject/area in a uniquely creative way, opening the eyes and mind

  • Talks about using alternative techniques such as ICM, Macro and Long Exposure with relevance to narrative

  • Encourages experimentation and a shooting style that can work in any location, light or ti


2. What Makes a Compelling Landscape Photograph?:

In this talk I discuss, demonstrate and de-construct some of the key elements I believe are critical to successful image making in the landscape. These topics, thoughts and tips should help photographers find inspiration and direction when they discover new locations, or indeed re-visit regular spots and want to create memorable images.

  • Discuss the importance of original intent in the image making process

  • Talk about passion for the subject, patience and persistence

  • The importance of ambiguity, intrigue and scale

  • Key elements to solid composition to encourage balance, flow and cohesion

3. More Than An Image:

Many landscape and travel photographers explore the world seeking out the sublime and incredible. However, what is it that drives these explorations? How does photography impact us and our connection with the natural world? How has landscape photography evolved through the years? And, most importantly, why do we photograph? In this talk I will address some of these topics from my own experience as a landscape and travel photographer.

  • A snapshot of the landscape photography and art tradition

  • Differing schools of photographic thought from representational to equivalents and beyond

  • My approach with examples over time showing modulations and change, and discussion about why

  • Why I photograph and the importance of creative freedom, experimentation and enjoyment

4. What Is Fine Art Landscape Photography?:

This is a widely misunderstood topic and one many people hold strong opinions on. In this talk I dissect what ‘Fine Art’ means to different organisations, my peers and myself. The RPS describe it as “Photography which communicates a creative vision” - That’s about as clear as a foggy window in a rain shower so I take this opportunity to dig a little deeper with examples from the Fine Art world, my own work and research amongst my peers.

Many feel it’s a boastful or highbrow term used to lever higher prices onto slightly whacky forms of work, others believe it’s anchored in the techniques on display, and some feel it’s about a more layered approach to the art form. I discuss the different interpretations and emotions around this hot topic, both good and bad, and explore how my own practice has developed with reference to these intepretations.

  • I attempt to define ‘Fine Art Photography’ from a variety of sources

  • I discuss the various interpretations amongst professional bodies, the marketplace and fellow photographers

  • Using a selection of my images from the early days to current work I dissect how my motivations & expectations have changed

  • Ultimately this is aimed at stimulating discussion and self-assessment of your own work and understanding why you make it

I asked a group of my fellow peers and followers on social media the following question:

Q: “Can you reply with one or two single words that spring to mind if someone refers to 'Fine Art Landscape Photography’

The answers were fascinating and very much inspired me to delve deeper and put together this talk to discuss this in more detail.

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