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I'm delighted to provide a number of ways to offer tuition to developing photographers. My travels have taken me around the world and yet I firmly believe that image making possibilities are all around us. Be it in our back garden, local woodland or nearest coastal location - you don't need to necessarily travel hundreds of thousands of miles to find them. The challenge is in refining your visual selection process and finessing the results in camera, and in the post-production stage, whilst developing your aesthetic vision.

1 Day Workshops

I'm very proud to be working alongside Europe's premier photography tour company Light & Land to provide group 1 Day Workshops focusing on a couple of specific elements of landscape and travel photography. For many a workshop can be centered around the locations, of course we all love to travel and see new places but these new 2018 1 day workshops are primarily designed to help develop your aesthetic vision and critical eye. The locations are indeed beautiful but in some ways they are irrelevant, the main purpose is to cultivate your image making thought processes from start to finish.

Simplifying Composition -

Saturday 27th October, 2018 (Jurassic Coast, Dorset) - SOLD OUT!

Saturday 6th April, 2019 (Jurassic Coast, Dorset) - NEW DATE ADDED!

Learning to distill a scene down to the core elements is a great skill for any advancing photographer. For those who wish to explore this approach we will look at reducing the visual ‘noise’ at any given location. Through certain techniques, both visual and within the camera, we can help you find order in the chaos. This approach to simplifying compositions can be transferred to any type of image making  scenario, be it seascapes, woodland, urban or inner landscapes.

Using the fantastic Jurassic Coast (Lyme Regis / West Bay area) as our backdrop we will be exploring all elements of composition to create compelling images. If you've always wanted to finesse your compositions and bring more order to each image this will be a very productive day! We'll spend the morning on location with practical demonstrations and plenty of time for image making. In the afternoon we'll spend some time in the 'classroom' discussing the images of the day and seeing demonstrations of techniques to simplify compositions.

All booking & pricing info is available via the Light & Land website (click here)


Creating Mini Projects & Portfolios - Saturday 10th November, 2018 (Jurassic Coast, Dorset)

Creating a compelling set of images, as opposed to single shots, is a great way to progress your photographic practice. Often a coherent project or portfolio adds authority to the overall aesthetic and there are various themes that can be explored giving the photographer a narrative to mold. In this one day workshop we will seek to give you the creative tools and critical eye to succeed in pulling together elements and themes both on the day and into the future.

Throughout the morning we will spend some time on location at the fabulous Jurassic Coast in Dorset (Lyme Regis / West Bay area). This area lends itself excellently to making coastal images and the wide vistas and inner landscape close-ups can all be crafted into wonderful series of collections. We will work ‘in the field’ in a hands on way to discuss and explore how to go about shooting a compelling set of images that are held together through aesthetic or thematic strands. The aim is to come away with a small set of images that tell a story about the location, the conditions, your reaction to the area or any other interesting visual themes from the day.

During the afternoon we will head to the ‘classroom’ to craft some images together into a series. Looking at what works and why depends on the goal of the individual and the images they created. We will walk through some of the images from the day and also some from previous collections to discuss why certain images made it into a portfolio and others didn’t.
This day aims to stimulate your creative mind on another level and give you the skills and critical eye to put together strong projects/portfolios into the future.

All booking & pricing info is available via the Light & Land website (click here)


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Get In Touch

If you'd like any further information about the 1 Day Workshops or if you'd like to arrange a personalised 1-2-1 session please use the contact form to get in touch. Usually I would take any 1-2-1 sessions in and around Dorset (be it coastal, woodland or scenic landscape) but I am very happy to travel to whatever location you prefer.

These 1-2-1 sessions can be 1/2 day or full day, or indeed numerous days if that is desired. Please just drop me a line for more info, pricing and so I can better understand your photographic goals. I look forward to helping you develop and prosper with your image making.

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