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La Gloria Delle Montagne



Collection I

The Rollei Diaries - Highlands in Monochrome

A new portfolio of 12 images from the Scottish Highlands. This collection was shot in November 2016 and is part of my ongoing love affair with Scotland and my 1954 Rolleiflex film camera.

Join me as I explore the atmospheric conditions often found in The Highlands, be it on the shoreline of some of the great lakes or winding through the mountainous terrain of this vast and still fairly wild landscape.

Shooting medium format film, with the square aspect of the Rollei, has helped my vision evolve and has affected my whole photographic process. I hope you enjoy the results...Click here

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Myself and co-host Paul Sanders (www.paulsanders.biz) have been running 'The Togcast Photography Podcast' for over a year now. We interview top photographers and discuss all aspects of image making, plus we share some photography news, reviews and more. If you're interested in travel and landscape photography then why not check out the show here, on iTunes or at www.thetogcast.com

WOODLAND, WATER and MOUNTAINS...These three subjects are the root of my fascination with the outside world. Each offers something different and reward the intrepid explorer, the early riser and the determined.

All of them are affected in different ways by temperature, atmosphere, topography and most importantly of all LIGHT. Wherever the location, whatever the time of day, the visual relationship we build with these spaces shapes our mood, spirit and life.